Sorry / thank you

I realised when listening back to recordings of my training with Hammay that I say sorry all the time – too much. I also noticed that Hammay was saying Abaraka (thank you) when I made a decent attempt at a new variation or played something well. It made me realise that it’s more productive to be grateful for the things that have gone well than to be anxious or apologetic for the things that haven’t gone so well. Say thank you for the learning, rather than sorry!

I now remember a similar learning curve from last year’s training – the things I am unable to do today, I may be able to tomorrow. Have patience and keep trying.

It’s not necessary to say sorry for getting a few notes of music muddled up. There are sins that are worthy of apology and repentance but getting jumbled over fingers and thumbs in a musical context is not amongst these! My “sorries” actually spoiled the flow of some really beautiful shared musical experiences but I’m not going to beat myself up about it. Hopefully i will keep returning to this important lesson as I continue my Kora journey!


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